Our hospitality beads and the decision to place an oyster at the end of each one is more than a reflection of our beachy style. We specifically chose oysters because they can represent so many positive things depending on the person and what they want to see. They are a reminder that...

Beauty can come from the unexpected. 

Did you know oysters create pearls from specks of dirt and sand? When facing things that may at first appear to halt or harm us, this truth about oysters can remind us that those same obstacles can evolve into triumphs. Bad situations can become beautiful ones.

We must be present.

Oysters are a gentle reminder to live in the present, giving our full attention to our immediate surroundings and to find contentment in that. The oyster cleans and filters its current surroundings. It has no prey and remains calm and peaceful even in turbulent waters. How our days are spent eventually become how our lives were lived. 

You are Strong.

While the oyster is small, its shell is tough and very strong. The shell is built to withstand outside forces and turbulent waters. The strength of the oyster is a reminder that we are built to withstand much more than we think can handle and can recover from events even stronger than before.

You are Beautiful.

The inside of an oyster has a beautiful iridescent glow and, on a rare occasion, a pearl that is even more brilliant. This is often how we present ourselves to others. As women, those around us must get to know us and open our outer shell in order to see our inner beauty.

No matter which meaning they carry for you, we wish you happiness, love, and well wishes in life. #TheWorldisHerOyster